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Hey everyone!

Sirius Online version 1.2 is now available! First off, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Cayne, I'm Irish and I'm new to the Sirius team. I'll be helping with the community and answering questions and opinions you guys might have!

Today is finally the release of version 1.2, a lot of new and exciting things have been added in this update and will hopefully have improved the game immensely. Dex has been working non-stop on trying to make Sirius Online feel fresh and immersive. The community support and input on trello [trello.com] has been an immense help!

Version 1.2 of Sirius Online is now out! Here is a list of everything new and improved in the game, More details on certain additions below:


-The universe has been expanded by 25-fold
-The Crimson Dawn has started to appear
-Mission System
-New Faction and Bounty System
-Texture revamping, eg. asteroids and HSD
-General optimization and performance overhaul
-New mining system
-T.O.A.St has been updated
-UI rework
-Guided character creation and voice over
-Scrap fields have been added to the universe
-Item descriptions
-More trading ships have been added
-New chunk based loading system
-Updated respawn mechanics
-New Music by Brishan Palmer
-Launcher has been added to help with resolution and performance problems


Missions are a new mechanic in Sirius. You will find missions at space stations around the universe. When you get near to a mission beacon, you will get a prompt on your screen with information on your objective. You will be given the opportunity to accept or decline the mission. Declining the mission will make another available. If you accept you will be given a prompt on where your objective is. New missions will be available at each station.

War. A simple word. Three letters, infinite pain. Ever since the Terrans tried to reclaim us as their "Colony", we've been at war. But something is changing.

Something odd.

After the ACT-Incident we thought they were gone. A sad loss for the Colony Council. A company developing AGI to improve upon our technology. To improve working conditions. To make out lives worth living.

One day, their station exploded. We do not know the cause, we don't even know if there were survivors. All we know is that, from this point on, more and more strange ships appeared from nowhere, killed everything and left.

Only one Message was left.

Prepare for the Crimson Dawn

Sirius Online 1.2 is a culmination of over 6 months of work. I spent countless days and weeks looking at valid criticism and improving the game over that. With "Rise of the Crimson Dawn" I present to you the result of this and hope you will have fun creating a character, playing whatever you like and fending off the Crimson Dawn. Over the course of the next months, Sirius will be expanded on these new Features. More missions, more discoveries, more space. Additionally, with RotCD we decided to go a new path instead of troddling down old ones. Soon you will be able to host your own private servers, play with your friends and enjoy the open world. This is a step that many people mentioned but we didn't feel comfortable about it until we absolutely knew it was possible.

I do hope you are going to enjoy Sirius Online 1.2 as much as I did developing it. Hope to shoot you in space,


Published Apr 12, 2015
StatusIn development
TagsMMORPG, Sci-fi, sirius, Space, Space Sim


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