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Sirius Online

Explore a vast and unique universe in this Freelancer-Inspired Action MMO. Combat your friends, harvest ores and explore the outer rims of the Sirius systems. But beware - not every player is a friendly one.

Sirius is an online-only game and requires an Internet Connection.

Based on the highly loved Mouse/Keyboard controls of Freelancer, combined with a balanced universe and a low-entry-barrier, Sirius can be enjoyed and played by almost everyone.

Latest Patch Notes

Sirius Online Classic 1.1 is slowly coming into a finished state, and now we're going to list some changes.

- Removed the Particle Spray from Ships and replaced them with small explosions.
- When you hit a ship, the Targeting rectivcle should light up in red now.
- Attached Turning speeds to ship inertia
- Removed Ship Techtree
- Added Painting Workshop instead (More in a devblog soon)
- Removed atmospheres temporarily for performance purposes
- Updated Asteroid Textures
- Removed Mainzone Display
- Minor UI Fixes
- Implemented new Grouping system
- Crafting Window Removed (Currently nothing really planned for this, might remove it entirely)
- Added value to ships and instant refund of old ship when switching to new ship.
--> When you buy a ship, its buy value will become the ship value. It diminishes with use, so you'll get only a partial bit back when switching to a new ship
- Introducing new Ship: Bullpup / Class 4 Explorer/Trader Hybrid
- added Chatlog saved in Local Appdata
- added Character Creation and two Character Profile Slots
- New Visual Effects for Players in Scan Mode
- Mining has been reworked to work as a siphon unit instead of shooting asteroids. A new visual effect has been added.
- Removed Action Skills as a result of rebalancing.
- Pirate Incursions can happen at any time and will be announced through chat
- Server Economy has been updated and features a way broader price range for minerals.
- Universe has been extended.
- New Market Systems for Guns, Ships and Items

- Guns should no longer stay on the ecliptic axis
- Backspace should now wrok agian ot fxi tpyoes (*backspaces*) ...work again to fix typoes
- Pressing Shift should not randomly launch the HSD Anymore

- Massively rebalanced the guns for a faster and more native combat feel
- Changed Universe Layout and expanded it
- Moved Location Tracking to Minimap
- Rebalanced some of the ships

The Patchnotes can, may and will change over the course of the coming development week.

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Minimum System Requirements:

AMD Athlon II 2600
2 GB of RAM
nVidia GeForce 6000 or comparable
at least 1GB of disk space
Mouse + Keyboard
Internet Required

More information

Published1 year ago
StatusIn development
TagsMMORPG, Sci-fi, sirius, Space, Space Sim


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